The Quick Brown Cow Jumps Over the Lazy Moon (in progress)

by Bile Greene



released January 1, 1952

photo by Tiffanny Eager



all rights reserved


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Bile Greene Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bile Greene writes songs & plays music in Philadelphia. He has been lots of places & met lots of people, and these songs are probably meant to be his take on all of that. The music is all available to be downloaded for free (or you can pay what you want to), except for some unfinished items which you can listen to, but not take home. ... more

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Track Name: Collapsing
Collapsing in a field of grass
I lie beneath the braying sun
Which crushes me with brutal cheer
Until the grass & i are one.

Collapsing in a world of dew
I sit & watch the stars go by.
I would have climbed the highest tree
If just to hold the spinning sky.

Collapsing on a piece of toast
I spread myself but much too thin
And fail to flavor any meal
The passersby are taking in.
Track Name: Unfly
I don't wanna fly, to fly could be to fall
All that i never try, won't hurt me at all
I sit in this chair, and the world spins me around
Now falling through the air, head thrust into the ground.

And maybe it's a shame,
But really who's to blame...

I'm burning alive, underneath a wave of the sea
Where coral treasure lies, there you can find me
I don't wanna be free, to be free is to lose me somehow
All i could ever be, is closing in on me now.

And maybe it's a shame,
But really who's to blame?
If the world is in me.
Track Name: Pealing
Pealing like a bell through the southern night
She moves through hell - it's a stunning sight.
You made your love, now lie in it.
It's such a perfect fit.
Your dearest dream coming true.

Wheeling through the hall
You rise & fall.
It's not the end - it'll get much worse.
She's like a pretty curse.
Your dearest dream coming true.

All night the clouds fly.
Day breaks against the sky - and the pieces fall on you.
No tears left to cry.
Farewell, running dry.