All My Friends Are Famous

by Bile Greene

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released March 2, 2017

Thanks to Maria Kydonieus for her invaluable input & feedbag.

Major thanks to Andrew Chalfen. Piping, Undertow, and Saw You all had their origins in weekly musicking we did for a while there. Saw You in fact merits a co-writing credit for the music.



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Sensible Weather Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sensible Weather (formerly Bile Greene) is the music of Bill Greene. Bill writes songs & plays music in Philadelphia. He has been lots of places & met lots of people, and these songs are probably meant to be his take on all of that. The music is all available to be downloaded for free (or you can pay what you want to), except for some unfinished items which you can listen to, but not take home. ... more

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Track Name: Birds
collect in pools
by the side of the house

falls straight down
all the way to the ground

animals go splashing by, reflected in the grey sky
weathering the year with you, is really all i want to do do do do-do

to see your face
across the table from me

you understand
what you're meaning to me

caravans of clouds collide, collecting in a bird's eye
weathering the year with you, exactly as i want to do do do do-do

collect in pools
by the side of our lives

to have
a life with you
makes it easy to be me
Track Name: Saw You
I saw you, you were a sawyer's dream.
Dairy maid, you made the farmer's cream.
Burning this butterfly heart, as i stutter by.
I am rapt, i am fit to be tongue-tied.

And i'm waiting in your wings tonight,
Like a silence in the distance,
With your pieces of resistance all around.

I saw you, wearing a gown of stars,
coming home from the bars, going back to his house.

And i'm shouting in a cloud of bees,
Till i'm steely as a gurney,
Till i'm sore as the surly lights of dawn.

What do i have to do?
To tear your world in two and two and two and two.
Track Name: We Dream
We came ashore, all in gold, and raised our colors in the air.
We looked for fuel, built a fire, and made our music everywhere.

It seems to me that I dream, sleeping thoughts are all that I can say.
The day will come when I awake, and these dreams I see will fade away.

So we were young, and time had yet to lay a wooden hand.
We left the shore, and rolled triumphantly across the land.

Loyal friends, raise your glass, and drink to comrades fallen all around.
Let we who dream be consoled, let not our hearts go with them to the ground.

We came ashore, ships of gold, and raised our colors in the air.
Track Name: Garden of Lies
Lying with you in a garden of green
wearing my favorite disguise
Playing these chords that go well with your mood
and the sad melody in your eyes
In my beautiful Garden of Lies.

Strolling the grounds of my tangled estate,
every breath chokes you with flies.
Wanting to tell you we're here all alone,
but it's clear that the roses are spies
In my beautiful Garden of Lies.

High overhead fly the black & blue birds
They circle & darken the skies.
Brilliant flowers are blossoms of hate,
here where the sun shines like ice
In my beautiful Garden of Lies.
Track Name: Undertow
In the end silent dynamite
Blows the world apart
Angry thoughts tumble wordlessly
In an airtight heart

Falling leaves cover over us
Smoothing down our hair
All our bones turning verdigris
In the chill night air.

And when the clouds are breaking
The sea will overflow
The shipwreck we're taking
Caught in the undertow.

High above flies the windy moon
In the black of space
Through the night sympathetic clouds
Touch her cold white face.

In the fall trees are glowing coals
Burning red & gold
By the light from a dying star
As the nights unfold.

And when the world starts shaking
The earth will melt like snow
The claims that we're staking
Caught in the undertow.

In the end words were luminous
Sounding bright & clear
Easy days follow heavy nights
Through the light blue year.
Track Name: You Are My Harbor
Another hard day
The road is so cold

We seek a safe place
There to surrender

You are my harbor
Your light to guide me