by Bile Greene

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a three-sided album, with a coda, and a hidden bonus track. (i love those!) several tracks are silences of varying lengths meant to give the listener a break.


released March 21, 2006

***some of these low-res files sound crappy here, but they sound just fine if you download them. hint hint.



all rights reserved


Sensible Weather Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sensible Weather (formerly Bile Greene) is the music of Bill Greene. Bill writes songs & plays music in Philadelphia. He has been lots of places & met lots of people, and these songs are probably meant to be his take on all of that. The music is all available to be downloaded for free (or you can pay what you want to), except for some unfinished items which you can listen to, but not take home. ... more

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Track Name: Funhouse of Love
I held your hand in the palm of my dreams,
Burning my eyes on your hair in the summertime.
Fly with me now in the fiery black air,
Nothing is quite as it seems tonight,
In this merry-go-funhouse of love.
Track Name: Won't Be Back (Again)
I won't be calling anymore,
Doesn't mean i don't love you, please know that i do.
You'll think i'm stalling but i'm not.
It's simply to painful to be around you.
There are ashes in my heart,
As the past explodes like a runaway train.
And it occurs to me now, this time i won't be back again.

I'll admit that i am horrified, by the current sad state of affairs.
You might see this as dramatic, overblown and extreme,
I'll understand if you think i'm unfair.
I'll sing your praises to the sky,
But i won't go back to the way it was then.
And so i'm sorry to say, this time i won't be back again.

I made a promise to myself
that i would only go through this one time.
I baked a cake with a file, fled the jail of my heart,
and then realized, i committed no crime.
You are the memory of a dream,
fading away on the morning of a day without end.
And it's so clear to me now, this time i won't be back again.

And any reckoning of joy
would have to be balanced by an accounting of pain.
Has it occurred to you yet? This time i won't be back again.
Has it occurred to you yet? This time i won't be back again.
Track Name: Lethe
Out in the runaway fields
Littered with crickets & darkness
Standing alone in the night
You were the light in my eyes.

Dreams that are destined to fade
are shot through with luminous beauty.
How can i get you to stay?

Being without you is murder.
Help me to bury my body.
Help me to start a new life.
Carry me over the Lethe.

Help me to bury my bone.
Carry me over the Lethe.
Track Name: Moon
Moon over the salt flats, bright hole in the sky.
Moon beautiful moon, moon why do you cry?
Moon setting on fire, moon taking my breath.
Moon looks like hitler, the moon looks like death.
And the moon is brighter than i am.
The moon is much brighter than me.
Track Name: Way Back When
In the sweet dark of night, when hands wrap around,
I'm holding you close, there's not a sound,
Only you breathing, as the night turns over again,
Turns to when - way back when.

Dawn has you lying, asleep in my arms,
I'm holding your body, away from the storm.
Hair on my face, a web pressed against my skin,
Does me in - way back when.

Say that you love me, say that you do,
Say we'll go on, say we are two.
Stay with me forever, the morning must never begin.
Way back when.
Track Name: Telescopes
I had the strangest dream,
i dreamed of telescopes instead of having eyes.
These telescopes could see the future,
in the future i was so surprised.
You went away without a whisper,
leaving me at half my normal size.

Telescopes are funny things,
i wonder if they're any use at all.
Cause if i see you larger,
looking through the other end you see me small.
I feel i'm losing my perspective,
and it looks as though i'm headed for a fall.

And so i'm waking up and taking all these telescopes,
and setting them on fire.
Because i've come to the conclusion that these telescopes
are nothing more than liars.
And so i'm coming to your door to bring you me,
in all my infinite desire.
Track Name: Rapunzel
Hey Rapunzel, let down your long hair.
I'd like to see you a while.
You feel lonely and i think i could help you.
I know that i'd make you smile.

Hey Rapunzel, i like this new color,
Goes really well with that chair.
And these curtains look good by the window.
Makes me feel like i'm floating on air.

Hey Rapunzel, let's away from this tower.
Dry all your tears on my sleeve.
I picked the lock, and the guards are all sleeping,
but you don't seem eager to leave.

Hey Rapunzel, you cut off your long hair.
I see you hiding up there.

There was something you were trying to tell me.
You would whisper it into the wind.
I could not hear a word you were saying,
Over and over again.
Track Name: Drowning Man
Will you blow a kiss to the drowning man?
Will you wave and say goodbye?
When you hear him scream at the top of his lungs,
Will there be a tear in your eye?

When the beacon searches the sea for his from,
Will you still be watching the waves?
When they pull his corpse from the cannibal tide,
Will you promise to visit his grave?

Will you stand like a statue, enthralled by the sight,
As he goes down for the last time?
Or do what you know in your heart you must do,
And throw him a saving line?
Track Name: I was so lonely on the hill
I was so lonely on the hill,
My voice it did resound
and echoed through the valleys wild,
A desolated sound.

I was so lonely on the hill,
Wherever i did run
was green & lush and full of life,
But still there was no one.

I was so lonely on the hill,
My mind was everywhere,
And inconsolable my grief
was carried on the air.
Track Name: Cold Feet
I wear my cold feet on my sleeve
So everyone can see
When it's time to leave, time to leave.

The simple truth i cannot say.
It changes everyday.
My words have gone away, gone away.

Flags are flying underground, anyone can see.

With some old half-forgotten tune
I'll serenade the moon.
The moon will never swoon.

I've made a mess of everything, anyone can see.

Somewhere beneath the deep blue sea
My true love waits for me,
There so patiently, so patiently.
Track Name: Memory
Oh, stagger home
Through lamplight foam
A car slides by
A starless sky.

And you will lose your memory tonight
And travel down that path into the night
And when you reach the sea that never ends
You'll realize there's something more to friends.

Find the key
But can you see?
Have you gone blind?
Are you unkind?

And you will run your memory through you
Remembering the things she used to do
Remembering her disembodied eyes
Remembering the nights you told her lies.

Stagger on
Till break of dawn
Chasing light
An end of night.

And you will see each memory has place
A kiss to see a smile upon her face
A vision of her dancing in the sun
The moment when the ending had begun.

You will lose your memory tonight.
Track Name: Hoverclown
Hangin' around like a hoverclown.
Hangin' around in your shantytown.

You were a raincoat dissolving in the rain.
You were a raincoat dissolving in the rain.

You were a secret that i could never hear.
You were a secret that nobody could hear.