Life Became Cathedral

by Bile Greene

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the Chicago album


released October 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Sensible Weather Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sensible Weather (formerly Bile Greene) is the music of Bill Greene. Bill writes songs & plays music in Philadelphia. He has been lots of places & met lots of people, and these songs are probably meant to be his take on all of that. The music is all available to be downloaded for free (or you can pay what you want to), except for some unfinished items which you can listen to, but not take home. ... more

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Track Name: Giuseppe Rides the Waves
Giuseppe rides the waves inside his bungalow dreams walking through the streeted crowd along the indigo bay and the music's playing in his head ding dong ding dong ding dong
Track Name: convince
pale stars are just like men
maybe i am one of them
living out a starlike end

if i had a chance i'd be
a rock above the ringing sea
landscape is destiny

you think you understand
memorize the best you can
do you want me to be your man
what could convince me

can't relax in this constant light
neon hammers every night
the future is much too bright
what could protect me

look around you'll be surprised
streets are paved with bricks of lies
our steps fall like lullabies

your suspicion flows like wine
bleeding like a valentine
embossed with hearts and twine
meant to impress me

full bright and body bare
leaning out into the air
all i can do is stare
who would caress me

if i ever go away
i wouldn't have a lot to say
make a meal of my pride someday
who could digest me

i lost you in a singing crowd
voices shining much too proud
my love to you still somehow
Track Name: Winter City
The train pulls away from its home in the station.
Sleeps down the rails - it is dreaming of places.
And all through the town full of bodies & ghosts
& the ashes of buildings & people i love
There's a feeling of loss at the blue light of evening,
And the clouds are a hand that erases the sky.

Alone on a street in a foreign city.
Face in the crowd - i am no one.
And i don't want to remember - i just want to feel,
Enfolded forever in the bright warm din of heaven.
And scraping my soul on the black of the night
Snow is shimmering down, broken pieces of sky.
Track Name: Someday,
Someday, the world will carry on without me here to say,
"I'd like to come along. It's such a lovely day."

One day, the days all disappear, your time runs out at last,
No longer to be here; you're only in the past.

People believe in kingdom come. I don't know what they mean.
The end times never come; it's always in between.